We source, we torque, we deliver

We specialise in the onshore make-up and break-out of oilfield equipment to suit individual rig capabilities and customer requirements

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The safety and quality standards to which we work

Our philosophy

Titan Torque is defined by the principles in which we conduct our operations.

Our health, safety, quality and environmental philosophy is communicated to all employees, customers,
contractors, and third parties associated with our business, throughout all levels of the organisation.





The HSEQ Management System model comprises the following interrelated components:

  • commitment and leadership and accountability
  • policies and objectives
  • organisation and resources
  • contractor and supplier management
  • risk management
  • business processes
  • performance monitoring and improvement
  • audits and reviews



The following are continuously improved by conformance checks:

  • On day-to-day standards and procedures
  • On the management system
  • Through modifications to the management system




// HSEQ Policy



Proud of our products, services and people


Recognising our responsibilities for our customers and employees.

ISO 9001

Certified to the standards set by the statutory provisions.


Defined by the principles in which we conduct our operations.

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