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Opening up opportunities in well intervention



A new and unique upstream service

In partnership with Lee Energy Systems Titan Torque Services introduce The Gator Perforator and Speed Squeeze tools to the UK market, adding these field-proven plug and abandonment and completions technologies to our established range of oilfield related products and services.

As a safer alternative to wireline perforation and the elimination of explosives, these expanded capabilities improve oilfield safety and reliability, improving wellbore quality and efficiency in downhole completion operations while fitting the high quality standards we set for all of our products here at Titan. They are fast and simple to use, resulting in improved more efficient well conditions.

Working alongside Lee Energy, Titan are delivering straightforward solutions to improve operational safety and efficiency to upstream operations.




Gator Perforating Tool

Repeatable Hydro Mechanical Multi-Use Perforating System

Eliminating the need for explosives, you reduce the risk involved, the footprint on the site with less personnel, equipment, no radio silence or hot work permits.

The tool uses work string (coiled tubing or jointed pipe) pressure (1,100-2,500psi) and blades to cut holes into your casing, penetrating cement and formation rock and could be used to perforate several sections of the same casing size in one run.

Its diversity opens opportunities through well intervention and well decommissioning in a much safer, cost and time-effective way.

It achieves very large, high-speed, cross-sectional cuts that significantly increase the flow area. This tool has been run with bridge plugs and packers in one run for pumping and squeezing, dependent on your applications.


  • No explosives
  • Depth control of your cut
  • Numerous cuts per run
  • Channel finding
  • Creates a more effective turbulent flow
  • large high-speed cross sectional cuts
  • maximizes flow area
  • No added debris to your well
  • Reduces your job risk factor
  • Reduction in rig time saving money
  • Smaller footprint on the rig


  • Pick up BHA – Bullnose / Ball Valve Sub / Casing Collar Locator / Gator Perforating Tool / Kobe Sub
  • Run in past depth of first planned perforation, identify casing collar (3rd party) to confirm depth
  • Pull up to depth of first cut
  • Pressure up on the tubing to planned pressure
  • Pressure Dump Sub opens, releasing pressure on work string confirming blades fully stroked for cut
  • Release pressure on work string
  • Pull up on the work string and move to the next perforating location
  • Continue until all perforations are complete
  • Open the Circulation Sub to pull out of hole pipe dry




Speed Squeeze

Retrievable Multi-Stage Hydraulic Stimulation System



  • Fast
    • No liner required
    • True stage isolation integrity
    • Greatly reduces time between stages
  • Better Wells
    • Jointed pipe or coil tubing deployment
    • Customize packers for stim. Rate - no limit to stage spacing
    • Stim / restim ported liner

System Overview

  • Able to stimulate multiple stages in a single trip
  • Engineered pressure drop ensures correct hydraulic pressure causing the packers to set and isolate during stimulation
  • Large rubber volume for oversized hole isolation and durability
  • Nothing left down hole after the stimulation



Speed Squeeze CHS (Cased Hole Straddle)

  • Inside Liner completions
  • Re-stimulate previously stimulated zones
  • Stimulate past burst liners
  • Inject tracers
  • Perform cement squeezes
  • Remove scale with acid

Speed Squeeze OHS (Open Hole Straddle)

  • Barefoot completions
  • Low cost exploratory well completions
  • Slim hole completions (3 7/8” open hole)
  • Coil or jointed pipe deployment

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